Back yard

In our back yard we have a fell called Hatten it's like my own private skislope over 600m of vertical meters from the top to our doorstep. Norway is wonderful.
15.02.2016 kl. 21:45

The day before yesterday!


Me, Daniel and Ida skied up to buren to experience the power of the powder. Beautyful conditions. :)

06.02.2016 kl. 22:54


Days off

Yesterday we skiid the fell in the back Buren! Today I just played in the pow. The snow is perfect here at the moment. I hope it stays this good all vinter. :)

05.02.2016 kl. 22:50

Life in Norway!

Living in norway at the moment! Sometimes in a tent!
31.01.2016 kl. 18:52


Nights at the doorstep!

01.02.2016 kl. 18:56


Now at the moment I'm pretty much in the same position as I was at this time of year last year. In Oulanka Nationalpark working at Basecamp Oulanka. But at the moment I'm visiting home in KRS. 

2014 was a year of many new places but also old ones. My mother actually tells me evertytime I come home that I should come home more often. But would it be the same to see me then if I would be home every month? Ofcourse she's my mother. But at the moment I Feel I need to travel and explore the world. Myself beeing a person without a steady relationship or a house or a pet or anything else that would bind me from stop exploring like I do. I'm gonna use all the time I get now when I'm not bonde anywhere to do the things that might not be that well possible in some years. Cus who knows when I will find someone and somewhere to settle down. 

Places I went this year gave me new experiences, new friends and new views. And I still want to see more. :)

The winter was spent in Basecamp and Kuusamo region aswell as the trip to Lyngen. Norway has always facinated me alot and the combination of mountains, fjords and waves makes it in to a paradise. Want to visit more! :)

Summer was spent in a good way. Many days attached to a rock at Ågelsjön or then just sitting at our dinnertable and playing games and having a good time. These friends I made really moved me up in life and I'm happy that i've met them. They know who they are. Many friends who Ihaven't seen in a long long time was also visiting Norrköping this summer and that gave the summer even more life. 

Working in the seasons can be tough sometimes but most of the time I enjoy it. Some days can be long but the days that are short then again manytimes feels weird. The short ones are usually normal 8hrs. ;) So the time off work last summer was appreciated and used in the best cind of ways. Most outdoors! :)

My happy Flying Finn partner in crime Ida made alot of my summer to what it was! :)

The overseas trips of 2014 took me to Amsterdam and Bali. Surf and chill was the big theme there. Waves has always facinated me alot. And the more time I spend with them in them I only love them more and want bigger and bigger. in different ways. In a kayak, on a board or in a raft or why not just swimming in them. soo much fun!


So into 2015 I'll go with open eyes 4 new adventures in pow, on rock or in the ocean. And the important thing I'll take with me is that "you're only young once and there is no taking back time so do what you love with the people you love"



08.01.2015 kl. 15:08

Winter's On

My first group this winter! :)
08.01.2015 kl. 12:29

The times remembers we

times goes on... By the way I'm back in Finland and my car is broken!

The summer came to an end. There has been many beautiful moments that will flow along 4 some time. The wicked adventures from thit summer has given some sick views of life and what life has to offer. The muscles in my fingers have grown some during the many evenings we've been facing the vertical walls of Ågelsjön. 

New friends have been made. Friends for life. Sharing this many new experiences with people makes a bond that lasts a lifetime. After all it's the people around you that make experiences what they are and were. We've faced the nature in different conditions together this will stay with us until we rotten and give new soil to the earth. 

The pics I put up are just random pics from this summer. 

The pic up highest is from My and Idas Tour out paddling around S:t Annas archipelago. It gave us new strength to keep on fighting those swedes with axes, bows and arrows. :P 

Middle pic is from Ågelsjön! From one of many climbing days. This is from the crux on "Tuborg" 6+ mixed. Soo much fun. The crux was one of most rewarding of all the routes that I climbed this summer. 

Brought my longboard to Sweden Most of the time it wass just gathering dust in a corner in our crib but when I took it out for a spin it was epic... everytime, just epic! Smashing snails, exploring or just rolling down the street. This pic is from Viudden where we stayed the first 3 months. The FAB countryside of sweden! :) 

Hope you liked the post. I hope I have more time now to post things. See ya! ;)

13.10.2014 kl. 20:02

My summer 2014

How did I spend my time this summer? :)
22.09.2014 kl. 01:31

There will be more coming again!

I-ve been gone 4 a while! But don't worry I'll be back soon with some pics from this summer and a fab video of the highlights of the summer! :)
19.09.2014 kl. 18:08


Living life in Scandinavia. Posting mostly pics from my adventures. This is my life as an Activityguide.



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